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About AViVA

AViVA is a Young Adult author and musician.

Her debut YA novel SELF/LESS is now available now.

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I’m AViVA ANASTASiA.  I’m a musician, writer, artist let's just call me a multidisciplinary artist. I have over 3 billion global streams on my music to date and RELENTLESS, the sequel to my debut novel SELF/LESS is coming out this August!

Creativity is my lifeblood- the fuel that moves my very being.  It is the way I understand the world, it is how I process my experiences and interactions with people.  It is what makes me feel most alive.

Having always been a lover of stories and made-up worlds, I have fed her passion for self-expression with a healthy lifestyle of creativity and writing. When not writing music or touring the world, I can be found in her home library either nose deep in a good book, fingers busy writing at the keyboard or otherwise occupied in my art studio, sewing or making something else I've dreamt up.

Since breaking into the music world in 2017, I have explored the themes of control and isolation. I describe my music as being about the 'outsider experience', and that translates into my works as an author too. 



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