The 4 Cornerstones of Life

Motivation, creativity, passion, drive. All of these intangible concepts are the cornerstones of life. To live a creative life of purpose one must look beyond the self to find a place of neutrality, where the drive succeed is stronger than the fear of success.

Saying 'I almost did that once' is almost useless because almost isn't quite enough!

But the same goes for life in a greater sense... Waiting for the right time, for the stars to align even for yourself to feel fully ready. Chances are you'll never feel fully anything because we are all beautiful works in progress. Learning more about ourselves every day and growing in that. Like everything human, there are points when we can't see anything- getting stuck is part of the human experience.

We need to try and use these times to build ourselves up! Learn from ourselves, learn to LOVE ourselves and be ready to dive back in and share that love.

Sometimes life and emotions are just like the ocean, it all ebbs and flows... Sometimes you get tumbled in waves or dumped on the shore.

The only thing we can do in life to survive all of this is both simple and hard. A paradox. We simply need to learn to swim and have the confidence in ourselves that we can do it even when things are rough. Then when you will want to swim with another because you won't be scared they might drown trying to save you.