Lock Down or Look Down?

Lock down or Look Down?

I’ve been thinking about all the things I want to do, make, sing, read and I’m lucky that I have the ability to do these things while I'm in quarantine, but it’s become its own suffocation as I sweep myself into a stupor— stuck back on my phone looking at pictures of cute things to make and cats... and while I like doing that, I try not to spend too much time on my phone, outside of interacting with fans and work-y stuff.

After my live stream this morning I stayed out in the sun, just sitting and listening to the birds singing. I started picking up the different gum leaves that were on the deck. I love gum leaves (something I appreciate in LA too, that touch of home with the gum trees there too... even if it doesn’t smell the same as home in Australia...) anyway, the gum leaves are so unique. Each one is a different shape and colour and at a different point in its journey of decay. I started lining them up, then I started noticing the wood of the deck around and all its little nuances. The tiny bugs, and little bumps and notches.

A leafy Tableaux

Right now, many of us are stuck inside, stuck with no options and that is enough to make anyone feel anxious or nervous or isolated, but I think it’s important for us to keep looking at the world around us through new lenses. To not overlook the incidental beauty of the world we're surrounded by, be it trees and their leaves, flowers or even inside. The shape and colours of our furniture, cracks in the paint, that add a cosy feeling, and faces hiding in the most unexpected places.

Woody Smile

With that in mind, I started looking around and taking photos of things I would have ordinarily scanned over or not even noticed, things that were interesting to me. I’m going to try and do this every day, look down and look around to see if I can change my perspective, even if I can’t change my location for a while. You never know what might spark a creative idea or inspiration!

What can you notice?

Litlle Big Freeway