An Introduction

I think we'll have a tendency to think until things become stifling.

Somewhere along the road of life, someone came up with the idea that we have to wait to until something is perfect and in my experience that is the thought juggernaut chugging through all creative minds. It’s crazy, sometimes I stop and think if I had spent less time worrying about trying to make things perfect and more time making all the ideas I have actually happen then I would be in a very different place today. I stop sometimes and think back to my younger self and go ‘what the hell were you doing you fool’ where could I have been today? You might think that means I’m not happy with where I am right now and you’d be quite wrong, I’m exceedingly happy, I am so proud of where I am in my life is right now and I'm so excited to see it progress.

My point is, many things that we do when we’re younger we don't without realising they genuinely matter and can have huge effect and influence on our life’s progression. For example, this blog. This one right here, that you’re reading now. I have been ‘starting’ this thing for the last, maybe five years. It's ridiculous we think about it, but the reality is it is never quite right. If I'm going to be completely honest, it's not quite right now, but I can't keep waiting for it to be perfect because it will never be perfect.

We live our lives in a state of what Joanna Penn refers to as ‘comparisonitis’ that is, constantly looking at the things growing in someone else’s backyard and comparing them to yours. I’m not particularly bothered from the comparing to other people side of that, my biggest weakness is the idea of something looking a certain way. I don’t care what people think- you’re always going to have people that love what you do and people that loath it. My pet peeve is producing something that I’m not happy with. I have expectations of myself and standards I hold myself too and it frustrates me to think that

I'm not doing the best I can possibly do. People who think like me forget that being the best is not something that can be simply achieved, its a marathon not a sprint- and it’s worse to not start the race than be in it.

So all that blabbing but what is there to do about it? IMO there are basically three things you can do to avoid this ‘creative avoidance’ from becoming a real big issue:

The first thing you can do is what I'm doing right now do it, own it, and be honest about your reservations- all art (in the inclusive way) is just self-expression, and all that is, is being vulnerable- people will see, hear, read, judge what you pour your heart and soul into. That’s what makes it so beautiful, so who cares if there are some bumps along the way?

The second thing is to keep growing! Most people are interested in making themselves become the best version of themselves they can be. Human beings are natural learners, we want to play. Life is all about discovery like they say there’s no guidebook, so the next best thing we can do on our creative journey of ‘just doing it’ is to continue attempting to do the best we can do but not letting that stop us from doing what we need to do.

So this is me acknowledging that this is the best I’m able to do at the moment, exactly how I wanted to be, knowing that I can make changes and alterations to make it better at any point in the immediate or distant future. There is no pressure on myself and that leads me to the third and final thing;

NO PRESSURE. You can achieve greatness with stupid deadlines and unreasonable expectations. Only you know what you are reasonably able to achieve and you need to be firm but fair.

So what you should expect from me, AViVA ANASTASiA here, starting now is: 2 posts a week (to start with) one Vlog a fortnight (over HERE) and lots of extra other surprises thrown in. If you want to know exactly when the posts go live you should probably follow me on my Instagram @aviva_anastasia where I’ll be sharing things, but also be sure to sign up so you don’t miss out on all the extras like my Q&A which should be coming up in the next 2 weeks. My mailing list is also the place I’ll give you the chance to being involved in my giveaways, hearing the music first and where you’ll be able to pre-order all my content like exclusive merchandise and novel SELF/LESS (I’m so excited.) So follow along, subscribe and sign up so you don’t miss out, I cannot WAIT to share with you all the good things coming!